Sunday, February 21, 2010

Manchester University Students Protest Against Israeli Ambassador. (3 Parts)

Manchester University Students Protest Against Israeli Ambassador. P1:

"Manchester University. 18th February 2010. Students protest against the invitation to the Israeli deputy ambassador to speak at the university Politics Society. It was organised by Action Palestine and supported by activists from Greater Manchester Stop the War. The protest took place on the steps of the Steve Biko Student Union building. The building was named after a murdered anti-Apartheid campaigner. The students argue that the deputy ambassador is the representative of, and apologist for, the Israeli Apartheid state which was built on the ruins of Arab villages ethnically cleansed by Zionist pogroms and terrorism. See the book 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine' by Israel's greatest historian Ilan Pappe, formerly of Haifa University, who was forced out of Israel by the climate of hate and intolerance. So much for 'freedom of speech'.

Anger grew as Israeli lawyers threatened the Student Executive from cancelling the proposed visit in line with Student Union policy, which was agreed last year at a 1,200 strong meeting in support of the Palestinians.

Israel tramples on democracy in Gaza and they thought they could do the same at the University of Manchester Student Union!

A few days before the deputy ambassador was due to speak, the British press broke the story of MOSSAD's targeted assassination of a Palestinian HAMAS leader in Dubai. The deputy ambassador promptly cancelled her speaking engagement at the university without explanation. Was this because she did not relish the idea of spending the day fielding questions about allegations that MOSSAD had 'cloned' UK passports?

A few days after the protest took place, the London Independent newspaper broke another story, 'Israeli Agents Go on offensive', which revealed that the Israeli government has launched an international PR campaign to claw back some of the ground lost since the Gaza bombings last year. It is sending Israeli agents abroad to implement this campaign. Was the deputy ambassador's abortive visit a part of this campaign?


Student union policy on Gaza was established in February 2009. It resolved to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. The text of the resolution is available here:

Apparently, the ambassador has only postponed her speaking engagement. Students are therefore continuing their campaign to cancel the invitation to speak extended to a representative of a regime of war criminals. Tzipi Livni, Israeli Foreign Minister during the Gaza bombings, cancelled her visit to Britain recently because she was afraid that she might be arrested for war crimes. The UN Goldstone Report (Goldstone is a South African Jewish Zionist) recently stated that war crimes had been committed by the Israeli government during the bombing of Gaza."

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