Monday, February 22, 2010

Israeli Occupation Forces Attack a Peaceful Rally at Ush Ghrab

Troops attack a Sunday Mass with tear gas at Beit Sahour city

Israeli troops fired tear gas and concussion grenades on Sunday midday at a Mass held by residents of Beit Sahour city, southern West Bank. Residents from Beit Sahour along with international supporters gathered at the evacuated military base of Ush Grhab east of the city. People held banners demanding the halt of the Israeli renewed work at the site and called for the end of settlement activity around their city.

The Struggle For Family Park: Violence Mars Peaceful Rally
Palestine Monitor
22 February 2010
A peaceful march through Beit Sahour ended with shocking scenes of army brutality. Around 100 demonstrators were objecting to the proposed construction of a military base in Beit Sahour Family Park. We spoke with Nidal Abu Zulof, regional activist and head of the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI), about the need to oppose this illegal land grab. (read more)

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