Wednesday, February 10, 2010

IOF Reoccupies Ush Ghrab in the Bethlehem Governorate

10 Feb 2010 Ush Ghrab

From the popular Committee to Defend Ush Ghrab
Soldiers rehabilitating an area that used to have a military base vacated in April 2006. The excuse of "security" makes no sense since there was not a security related issue since the evacuation.

This area, when occupied by Israel wil insure that the area of Bethlehem Governorate left for the native Palestinians is 20% of its original size and is ringed on all sides by military bases and colonial Jewish setlements.

Once upon a time... and again

Since the first days of February, Israeli soldiers and bulldozers have occupied the area of Oush Grab, Beit Sahour Municipality, in the Bethlehem district. The area, which was a former Israeli military base, was abandoned in 2006. In 2008 the Municipality of Beit Sahour and the US Agency for International Development built there the Peace Park for the whole community. But in the same months settlers came to start the construction of the new settlement of Shdema. This means that they are effectively surrounding the Bethlehem area.
The Alternative Information Centre tells the story of this symbolic and strategic place and brings you the voices of the Popular Committee formed to defend Oush Grab.

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