Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gaza in Plain Language

Gaza in Plain Language

The article "Gaza in Plain Language", by Joe Mowrey, first published by Dissident Voice
was brought to my attention by Robert H. Stiver, and I immediately agreed to do a video treatment of it. Joe and I shared the research effort, and we would like to thank all of those whose video and photographic work is included in this chilling tale of a fledgling nation gone mad. We have used this material in good faith; as fair comment; for no personal gain and in the interests of truth and justice.

We have not been able to contact and thank every contributor, personally, but we do so now. Without your efforts, which were so much more harrowing than ours, because you saw the slaughter, the devastation and the grief first hand, this video would not have been possible. We dedicate this video to the people of Gaza, and to all of those decent people who are trying to help them.

Although some people will attempt to characterised it as such, what I have read and the pictures put to Joe Mowrey's words do not amount to anti-Semitism. If it needs an "ism", call it anti-Nasty-Peopleism. Which is an ism that decent people, the world over, should adopt and develop, because if we don't, the nasty people will always win.

Many thanks to Kim Petersen, Joshua Frank and Sunil K. Sharma of Dissident Voice, where one will always find unflinching commentary in support of human rights and social justice. Also thanks to the Coalition for Prisoners' Rights (CPR), in Santa Fe, New Mexico
The seed for "Gaza in Plain Language," as well as other articles by Joe Mowrey, was originally planted in the form of a brief commentary called, "Crime of the Month" in the monthly CPR newsletter.

Source links for the statistics relayed in this presentation are available on request from Joe Mowrey,
Or better yet, do your own research. You will discover documentation for many more horrors concerning the fate of the children of Gaza than have been elucidated in this video.

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