Monday, February 1, 2010

Chutzpah: Israel "Reprimands" Two Officers Over Use Of White Phosphorus On UN Compound But Denies War Crimes

A Minor Punishment in a Shameless Ploy by Israel to Avoid War Crimes Proceedings.

Related News:
Israel denies Gaza war crimes in report to UN
(Rory McCarthy, The Guardian)

Israel has delivered a report to the UN defending its actions in last year's Gaza war and insisting its troops did not violate international law, but has not agreed to hold an independent investigation as demanded. In the 46-page report, submitted on Friday and released late that night, Israeli authorities admitted some "operational lapses and errors in the exercise of discretion". But they strongly denied allegations of war crimes raised by international human rights groups and by two separate UN investigations.

The report reveals there has so far been only one criminal conviction in relation to the war – one soldier was jailed for seven and a half months for stealing a credit card from a Palestinian home and using it to withdraw £250 in cash.

Israeli Officers "Disciplined" Over The Use Of White Phosphorus February 01, 2010 BBC World

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