Monday, February 8, 2010

Campaign to Open Shuhada Street in Hebron

Campaign for the opening of Hsohada Street in Hebron

A call for activists in various cities around the world to block roads on February 25th as a sign of solidarity with the blocking of Hsohada street in Hebron to the Palestinian residents.

The Rooftops of Hebron:

"In 2000, the army closed Shohada Street , in Hebron , to Palestinians and sealed the entrances to the houses on the street. To leave her home, Malka Kafisha had to climb up through the roofs of neighboring houses.

B'Tselem is an Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories."

Hebron becoming a 'ghost town' - 21 Jun 07

Hebron reflects the complexity and brutality of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It was illegally occupied by Israel in 1967. As a result, many Palestinian families were forced to leave their homes and Israeli settlers moved in.
Life is incredibly tough for families remaining there. There right to earn a living and even taking children to school becomes an ordeal. Sami Zeidan reports from Hebron.

How Hebron Became a Ghost Town
Hebron School Patrol
May 12, 2006
Christian Peacemaker Teams. *New School Patrol* Israeli soldiers at checkpoint near Palestinian schools harass and prevent children and teachers from reaching their school.

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

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