Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nidal: A 10-year-old Victim of Israel´s Aggression


"Prior to the December 27 to January 18 Israeli massacre of Gaza--during which Israel used its power as the 4th largest military, unleashing an arsenal of F-16 bombing, Apache and tank shelling and machine gun fire, shelling from Israeli warships in Gaza's sea, bulldozing and explosive-- Nidal was a normal boy of 10 years. He ran, he played, he studied, he was as mischievous and energetic as life in Gaza under siege allows.

When the Israelis shelled our house, there was also heavy tank shooting in the area. There were Israeli tanks all around. So much noise, so much danger. Nidal couldnt take it, said his father.

Since the massacre, Nidal has lost his ability to speak, doesn't think or concentrate clearly, and walks with a crippled gait.

Attatra, Nidal's region in northwestern Gaza, was one of the hardest hit areas in the Strip.

The Gaza Community Mental Health centre revealed that post-massacre over 90 % of children in Gaza displayed symptoms of moderate to very severe PTSD, with only about 1% without signs of PTSD.

"We've taken him to doctors in Gaza. They all say there's no treatment for Nidal in Gaza."

Nidal needs speciality care available only outside of the Strip, under siege for nearly 4 years now.

Anyone wishing to help Nidal can contact me."
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