Friday, January 22, 2010

Hundreds of Activists Protest Against Jewish Settlments in East Jerusalem (2 videos)

Two videos (actually make that 3 videos. I've added another by yisraelpnm in addition to the earlier ones) from Press TV and AFP report on hundreds of actvists protesting Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem.

[Press TV News] Israeli Activists Protest Occupation and Demolition of Houses In Jerusalem

"Israeli and other activists staged a massive protest in Jerusalem to protest at the continued occupation and the destruction and demotion of houses and the eviction of people from their homes by the Zionist Regime. Special Report. Recorded January 22, 2010 at 1800GMT"

Hundreds of Activists Protest against Jewish Settlments in East Jerusalem

"Hundreds of people, mostly left-wing Israeli activists, demonstrated against Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem on Friday in defiance of police efforts to crack down on the weekly protests.Duration: 01:06"

The Third video below is by yisraelpnm
"Last Friday (15-1-10) the Jerusalem police yet again violently suppressed the demonstration against the eviction of Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. Seventeen demonstrators spent the weekend under arrest and were released after the Magistrate Court judge ruled that there were no legal grounds for the arrests. The police are misusing their power and distorting the law so as to collaborate with the dangerous project of Judaicizing East Jerusalem.

This week the demonstration was even bigger than those of previous weeks. 350 demonstrators, amongst them former minister and Knesset Chair Avraham Burg, former minister Yossi Sarid, MK Muhamad Barak'e and former MK Uri Avneri, gathered in a park near the neighborhood to protest the racist evictions taking place there in spite of intensifying police oppression of the struggle (see last week's report). Two demonstrators offered the police officer in charge, Avi Cohen, a big bouquet of flowers, thanking him for helping the struggle gain nationwide attention by arresting about 20 activists every week. Cohen refused to accept the flowers and they were left at his feet.

After about an hour of demonstrating in a tense atmosphere, demonstrators started marching towards the neighborhood. Border and Riot policemen stopped the march, while still allowing settlers and visitors of the Shimon Hat'sadik Tomb through. After a quarter of an hour police attacked the demonstration, arresting about 15 people and beating on others. The demonstration continued for another two and half hours, with police occasionally beating people and shoving them back, but attempting to avoid too many more arrests. The day ended with 22 arrested.

During the demonstration it became apparent that settlers were attacking Palestinians inside the neighborhood, and two residents required medial care. At the same time police raided Palestinian homes and arrested people who participated in the demonstration and then went home. The demonstrators' protests outside against the police's siding with the violent settlers were met with yet more police brutality."

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