Friday, January 1, 2010

CPT Video - Gaza Freedom March: Erez Crossing - Dec 31, 2009

Gaza Freedom March: Israeli Erez Crossing - Dec 31, 2009 (CPT)

More than one year since the assault on Gaza, called "Operation Cast Lead," the crippling siege of Gaza continues. Christian Peacemaker Teams participated in the Gaza Freedom March which called for an end to the siege of Gaza. Palestinians, Israelis, and Internationals gathered at Erez Border Crossing on both the Israeli and Gaza sides of the border. This video documents the demonstration from the Israeli side.

See the official call for the march here:

In another related video from Press TV, Neturei Karta speaks to the press

[Press TV] Hundred of Palestinians, Jews and Peace Activists Mark the Anniversary of 22 Day Gaza War

Special Report. Aired January 1, 2010

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

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