Monday, January 11, 2010

B'Tselem Video - Public campaign: Lift siege on Gaza

Public campaign: Lift siege on Gaza

One year after Operation Cast Lead, B'Tselem is today (27 December) launching a public campaign demanding that Israel lift its siege on the Gaza Strip. This is necessary in order to rehabilitate the Gaza Strip from the destruction wrought by the hostilities. As part of the campaign, the organization is releasing a new animated short film, by Alon Simone. The film shows how goods that are forbidden entry into Gaza from Israel enter from Egypt through tunnels, a process that enriches Hamas, which collects taxes on the goods. Through the film, BTselem hopes to demonstrate the absurdity of the Israeli siege policy: while seeking to topple the Hamas government, Israel is gravely harming Gazas million and a half residents, and is achieving the opposite outcome

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

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Adam said...

Thanks for posting this very clever video.

I hope that anyone reading this comment can agree, that so long as Israel interferes with Palistinian right to trade freely (as well as receiving aid freely), it is our DUTY to use Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) to send them a CLEAR MESSAGE which our appeasing politicians refuse to do. "STOP the SIEGE & END THE OCCUPATION stop the STATE TERROR"

PLEASE take action - our politicians will NEVER change a thing without a LOT of PRESSURE. Don't be SCARED of spreading the word about BDS. We werent embarrassed to do it with Apartheid in South Africa, this is the same only a lot worse. Standing up for humanity & justice ISN'T being Anti-Semitic. Most informed Jews are fully supporting this grass roots movement which CAN'T be derailed by the F***ing politicians (YET! - EU is talking about making individuals right to an ethical boycott illegal - George Orwell foresaw all of this didn't he?)