Monday, June 22, 2009

Interview with activist & folksinger David Rovics + his song "Palestine"

Interview with David Rovics #1:

Last Video is his song Palestine

"The Struggle interviews activist & folksinger David Rovics in April 2009. Hear him play his new song 'Pirates of Somalia' and discussing his career and visits to Gaza and the West Bank. He is an advocate of artists uploading their music on the internet for free.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

David Rovics song Palestine lyrics and video below

"lyrics of The song Palestine:David Rovics 2003
All Rights Reserved
Author: David Rovics

My daddy was an Arab from Beersheva
A situation so unkind
My momma was a refugee from Ramallah
Had to leave her land behind
I grew up in this refugee camp
In this sunwelcome land
In this little parcel of Lebanon
We were dealt a losing hand

Then one day the soldiers came
A tired old refrain
I'll try to tell you what happened next
But there's no way to explain
The soldiers raped my mother
Then they killed her dead
Along with the rest of the Shatila Camp
While I hid beneath my bed

Now I'm a-wanderin', I'm a-wanderin'
No place to call my home
Palestine, Palestine
All around the world I roam

My aunt came over from Jordan
Brought me there to live
And together we've moved to half the world
Oh for peace what I would give
In Beirut, Greece and New York town
I've watched the world churn
But my home is Palestine
Someday I will return


This is my situation here
In the Heart of the empire
That sends the 'copters and bulldozers
That turned Ramallah into a funeral pyre
Well you've heard my story
And time will not allow
Soon my visa will expire
What will you do now

Created November, 2002
Copyright David Rovics 2002, all rights reserved"

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

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