Thursday, June 18, 2009

Caterpillar Shareholders: Profit Before Human Rights

DN! Campaigners Urge Caterpillar to Halt Bulldozer Sales to Israel:

"Campaigners Urge Caterpillar to Halt Bulldozer Sales to Israel

Shareholders of the company Caterpillar have rejected an effort by human rights activists to stop the firm from selling bulldozers to Israel to be used to demolish homes in Gaza and the West Bank. At the companys annual meeting last week, dissident shareholders submitted a resolution calling for a review of Caterpillar sales to militaries with poor human rights records, including Israel. The Israeli activist Matan Cohen of the group Anarchists Against the Wall attended the shareholders meeting. Matan Cohen: Caterpillar has been arguing for years that theyre not responsible for what their clients are doing with their products."

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