Wednesday, September 17, 2008

B'Tselem Video - Israeli Settlers attack the Palestinian Village of Asira

Settlers' attack the Palestinian Village of Asira:

New Video footage of the Attack on Asira al Qibliya

Over the past year, settlers from Yitzhar and the surrounding area have sharply stepped up violent acts in nearby Palestinian villages. The attacks include throwing stones at passing cars, physically attacking farmers, burning down crops, and stealing livestock. On 14 Sept., after a Palestinian stabbed a Jewish boy and burnt down a caravan in the Shalhevet Yam settlement near Yitzhar, dozens of settlers raided the village of ‘Asira al-Qibliya. They threw stones, fired into the air, broke windows, drew Stars of David on walls of homes and widely damaged property. Testimonies given to B’Tselem indicate that soldiers were present at the time, yet did nothing to prevent the settlers' actions, and fired at the Palestinians.

7 August '08: Increase in settler violence

Testimony: Settler throws rock at Palestinian car passing by the Yizhar settlement, severely injuring a mother and daughter, August 2008

Testimony: Settlers from Yizhar attack house of the Ahmad family in ‘Asira al-Qibliya, 16 May ’08

Testimony: Soldiers help settlers attack Ribhi 'Aseiri, on his way to put out a fire apparently started by settlers, May 2008

In January 2007, B'Tselem launched "Shooting Back", a video advocacy project focusing on the Occupied Territories. We provide Palestinians living in high-conflict areas with video cameras, with the goal of bringing the reality of their lives under occupation to the attention of the Israeli and international public, exposing and seeking redress for violations of human rights.

also see the first video footage on the attack here

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