Monday, July 28, 2008

UNICEF: "Recreation Days" relieve stress for Gaza children

UNICEF: "Recreation Days" relieve stress for Gaza children:

"GAZA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 25 July 2008 -- Every day, children and adolescents throughout the Gaza Strip suffer from the disruption of basic services and deteriorating living standards. The children of Shoka, a small Bedouin area bordering with Israel, are no exception.

Prior to the June 2008 Israeli-Palestinian truce, children here witnessed incursions and violence on a daily basis. Afraid to venture out, families cowered in their homes -- many without electricity and water.

'I felt shaken and scared,' said Qasem Al Rasoud, a 12-year-old boy living in Shoka.

UNICEF is working to provide a respite from the stress and violence by scheduling recreational outings. The idea is to provide children the opportunity to play, have fun and simply be themselves."
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