Friday, July 11, 2008

Demolition of the Recreational Center in Azun

Demolition of the Recreational Center in Azun:

"Azun is in the seam-line: despite being 10 km east of the green line, it is west of the Separation Wall. The area is therefore under full Israeli control. The Israeli authorities do not provide any building permits for Palestinians in the region, so any new building is under threat of being demolished because it is 'illegal'. In 2006 the residence of Azon and the nearby villages received a donation to build a recreational center for children. A playground, swimming pools and additional facilities were build inside the municipal area of Azon. As expected, the Israeli army completely demolished the swimming pools and other facilities. Now the playground is under the threat of demolition as well.

Filmed by Dalia Golomb during a tour to the Palestinian Occupied Territories by Machsom Watch."

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