Sunday, July 27, 2008

Curfew on Nil'in - 5-7-08

Curfew on Nil'in - 5-7-08: "The village of Ni'alin, which is located in the Ramallah district, been leading an intense struggle against the de-facto appropriation of 2,500 of its 7,000 dunams of land by the 'separation fence'. The route of the fence in this area, much like the famous case of Bil'in, has been planned in such a way that would allow the near by illegal settlement of Hashmonaim to expand on lands that will be 'left behind' the fence.
The villagers, who refuse to accept this, hold three-four demonstrations a week, marching towards the construction site and the settlement, in many cases successfully forcing a halt of construction.
The army, however, is responding with growing ferocity. According to the army spokesperson, an entire regiment was relocated to guard the construction, and these soldiers use brutal force against the unarmed demonstrators. On Friday 4-7-08 since 5am in the morning, the army has declared a curfew on Nil'in, and residents were informed it was a punishment for the demonstrations. The people from the village intended on breaking the curfew."

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