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Anti Apartheid Wall activist Adeeb Abu Rahma Released from From Israeli Military Prison 12.12.2010

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"haithmkatib | December 12, 2010

Bil'in, Ramallah 12/12/2010 -
Adeeb Abu Rahma, who was referred to as 'Palestinian Gandhi' in the press, was released today

Palestinian political prisoner Adeeb Abu Rahma (age 40), who was sometimes referred to in the international press as 'Palestinian Gandhi', was released today evening after serving 18 months in Israeli 'Ofer' military prison.

Bil'in resident Adeeb Abu Rahma was an important staple in the weekly non-violent protests against the separation wall which separates Bil'in from the majority of its agricultural land and the central source of income for its residents.

Abu Rahma was sentenced on August 30th 2010 to be imprisoned for 12 months in the Israeli Ofer military prison for 'incitement' and 'Activity against public order' by leading peaceful marches each Friday in Bil'in which also included international as well as Israeli participants. The charge was later extended to four years with a fine of 6,000 NIS but was reduced to an additional period of 6 to 12 months including the fine.

Adeeb Abu Rahma was arrested on July 10th 2009 in the midst of a weekly demonstration against the separation wall.

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