Friday, August 27, 2010

Go to the Other Gate

Separating Palestinian Farmers from Their Land
Go to the Other Gate:

"unrwa | August 25, 2010

West Bank farmers face a daily ordeal trying to reach their land on the other side of the West Bank Barrier. The farmers have to navigate their way through the bewildering system of permits, opening hours and bizarrely numbered gates that are operated by the Israeli Border Police. The film features two United Nations Operations Support Officers who help farmers from the villages of Biddu and Beit Izja six kilometres northeast of Jerusalem to try to reach their land one morning in June 2010. Despite pre-coordination between the UN and the Israeli District Coordination Office, the morning becomes a waiting game and a race between the gates for the farmers. When the Border Police arrive at the one of the gates the day is almost lost for working in the fields. The UN Operations Officers try in vane to convince the Israeli Border Police keep the gate open long enough for farmers who had waited at the wrong gate. Production: UNRWA

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