Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem - Spending the Day with Evicted Palestinian Nasir Al-Ghawi - 27.1.10

Part 1 - Sheikh Jarrah - 27.1.10 Spending the day with Nasir Al-Ghawi

We spent the day in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem today. 28 Palestinian refugee families are at the threat of being evicted from their homes to become refugees again. Four families have already been evicted and thrown out on the streets of Sheikh Jarrah by Settlers with the support of the Israeli government - Police and Military involved.

The story of these internally displaced refugees is heartbreaking. Listen to Nasir as he shares with us the background of what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah. Note: Nasir only started learning English 17 months ago, and is a fluent Hebrew speaker as well. A man with many talents he is a graphics designer by profession, but has now made staying outside his own house in a tent his full-time duty. He shares his story with all the visitors, and even attempts to converse with his Occupiers.

Part 1

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